Sheepie Snack Sunday – Your Dog’s Bite

Your Dog’s Bite

The size of your dog’s mouth is very important to take into consideration when it comes time to preparing your dog’s treats and food. Fluffy doesn’t care if you use cute cookie cutters in the shape of hearts or bones! The size of their mouth when cutting up fruit, meats and vegetables into convenient bite-size portions is what counts, and key word, portions! Pet obesity is a huge epidemic. You’ve probably seen your dog inhale their food, they do not chew each bite twenty times or at all in some cases; most gulp, swallow and it’s down the hatch!

For dogs under 40lbs, you may want to blend the ingredients in a food processor. This may be easier than chopping into tiny bite sized pieces. When cutting meat in large quantities by hand, it is easiest to freeze in order to harden before you begin the slicing process. We cut all of Riggs’ treat portions using a pizza slicer. It is much quicker and easier this way!

Recommendations per size of Dog:

  • 10-20lbs ¼ inch or process
  • 20-40lbs: ½ inch or ground
  • 40-60lbs: ¾ inch
  • 80-100lbs 1 inch

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Making the fur fly,

Danielle & Riggs

The Pet Professionals: Cert. Vet Assist, Professional Dog Groomer, Canine Nutritionist.

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