Sheepie Snack Sunday – The Foundation of Good Health is Diet.

The foundation of good health is diet.

The saying goes, “you are what you eat,” …and digest. This holds true for our pets as well. The foundation of good health is diet, as it is the basis for our pet’s health and treating any condition, as many holistic veterinarians believe this to be true. I whole heartedly agree as I am living proof and have much experience with unbelievable  results with my own dog. Everything else that can be done for an animal can be built upon this foundation.

How does your pet’s diet balance? Are you doing enough? Could you do better? I believe we can always do better.

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Making the fur fly, Danielle & Riggs, Pet Professional, Canine Nutritionist.

More to come later on Riggs’ journey to his rare diagnosis and how we “turned him around” with our home prepared meals.

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