Happy 10th Anniversary, Mutt Makeovers!

AUGUST 8th MARKS MUTT MAKEOVERS’ 10TH ANNIVERSARY of Registered Trade and a huge thank you to the hundreds of clients who have chosen Mutt Makeovers for their professional pet services. We can’t thank you enough. This means you have taken the time to research whether it is Google, Facebook, or word of mouth to find your pet professional. Furthermore, you picked up that phone to make an appointment, entrusting me with your beloved pet. Additionally, you were happy enough to return again and again. Some of which I have been grooming for many years. I have created strong bonds with each of you.

To date, over 600 clients in Huron County, 324 in Woodstock, with repeats totaling over 5835 grooms! (Yes, I keep good records!)

I make sure I keep up with all of the current techniques, trends and safety issues to provide my clients with the best possible service as continuing education is very important not only to me, but in the grooming industry. As many years as I have been in the pet industry, you never stop learning. If you stop learning, then you can never improve. There are always videos, seminars, school, expos/trade shows and other professionals to learn from. Above all, there is life experience.

Having that said, skills used in the shop are advanced and will continue to be cutting edge with the newest dexterities to always serve you higher.

While there seems to be an ever growing industry in pet grooming, experience and knowledge is key, and I assure you won’t receive the proficiency and qualifications Mutt Makeovers holds from just any other groomer.

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for being with us through our journey of TEN years!

-Making the fur fly, Danielle & Riggs

The Pet Professionals

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