“Mutt Makeovers offers an exclusive level of pet grooming services performed by a highly trained and experienced Professional Dog Groomer/Vet Assistant, who works diligently to provide your pet with a positive, gentle & personal grooming experience.”

Services Offered

Services Offered but not limited to:

Nail Trimming
Flea Treatments & Tick Removal
🐾Odour/Skunk Baths (removed the natural way with no harsh chemical concoctions)
Medicated Baths for Skin Conditions
Gentle Skin Exfoliation

Ask about our “à la Carte”  Oil Treatments for Skin Issues & Allergies Mutt Makeovers holds EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS not available at any other Ontario grooming shop (See in the about section).

Full Package:
At Mutt Makeovers, your dog is ALWAYS groomed by a highly trained, experienced professional groomer/ certified vet assistant who provides your pet with a positive, gentle and personal grooming experience.

Each session is 1:1 & includes:
🐾Thorough examination of body, skin & coat
Nails Trimmed
🐾Ears checked (Plucking by request if deemed suitable)
Bath using highest of quality, all natural products
🐾HV Dry followed by fluff dry by hand
Brush out/deshed & specific haircut based upon your dog’s breed standard and/or your individual style
🐾Complimentary Bandana
Soothing Conditioning Cologne

🐾All equipment and knowledge used is advanced, and up to date to the newest of technology and code.

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As animal lovers & owners, we understand how difficult it is to leave your pets in someone else’s hands. This professional, private grooming salon is the perfect setting for a calm and relaxing atmosphere; located on a quiet, paved country road away from the hustle and bustle of down town.

Mutt Makeovers opened in 2008 and is locally owned and operated by Danielle McLean-German, who has an affinity with animals.

Introducing your groomer:
An unapologetic animal lover, Danielle is a highly trained and skilled artisan who works diligently to provide your pet with a positive, gentle and personal grooming experience. By choosing Mutt Makeovers for your grooming needs, you can feel confident that your pet is cared for by a professional with both extensive knowledge and experience. She is a lifelong student personally committed to ever expanding her skills, incorporating state of the art equipment and using only the best quality products.

Not only does she have over 10 years of compassionate care and experience in grooming small to large (240Lb+) dogs, she began working in vet clinics as a Certified Veterinary Assistant, and trained in pet first aid. She also worked in pet stores where she managed the dog and cat department specializing in nutrition. She has exceedingly knowledge specializing in dermatological issues. All of her professional products are holistic & all naturally made. She offers oil treatments and specially hand-made soaps for dogs with skin issues, but also aid in skunk odour removal that are sent to her from California, where they have been produced by a fellow OES owner with experience in this area and SA. She stands by her products, as  does the Pasadena, California Dermatology clinic. Mutt Makeovers now holds exclusive rights to these products, not available in any other local shop.

Also specializing from de-shedding treatments to the famous requested ”puppy cut”, she has worked with many dogs with special needs and is well qualified to have handled Diabetics, Cushings, blind, deaf, Addison’s, seizures, behavioural/aggression problems and seniors.

In 2017, an 8 month long battle that finally led to a rare diagnosis of her “heart dog” – Old English Sheepdog, Riggs, forced her to focus towards her passion in nutrition, and ultimately she had no choice but to do the education herself. Danielle enrolled in a Canine Nutrition program at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in the U.S.  “We all want one thing for our pets, and that’s for them to live long, healthy lives.”  Due to the rarity of Riggs’ issues, with the lack of support, help and knowledge available nor received with her own dog he incurred with his rare diagnosis and former issues, combined with Danielle’s extreme interest, and never giving up on him, going back to school was a no brainer (although scary).  While still grooming full time, she completed the first part of the C.P.N. program, receiving her Canine Nutrition Certificate and hopes to complete the next two portions. So far this education has helped her personally with understanding their concerns and it is her hope that she can help others just as much in the future, if not more.

Mutt Makeovers now has over 595 clients and upholds a full schedule that can cause up to a two month waiting period for a grooming reservation. Your pet receives a private one on one grooming appointment (more fun, less bark), as we work with one family at a time where they are groomed start to finish in a stress-free environment. It is highly recommended that you pre book your appointment before you leave so you can ensure you can get regular grooming when needed.

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